香港本地WiFi年租計劃 Hong Kong Domestic WiFi Yearly Service Plan

香港本地WiFi 年租計劃,為個人/ 家庭客戶提供更優質,更方便的本地4G無限上網服務!適合未有寬頻覆蓋的偏遠地區(如村屋)、短期搬遷或需要帶到不同地點使用的客戶,商業客戶亦歡迎申請。只需一年合約期,簡單方便的上網服務,省卻繁複申請及等待,取機即可使用!現在登記享受至抵獨家優惠!

HK Domestic WiFi Yearly Service Plan provides an easy and hassle-free WiFi solution for personal, family or commercial customers with 4G unlimited speedy and stable experience. Suitable for districts without broadband coverage (such as village house), short-term house rental, or customer who needs a portable power plugging WiFi device! Only one year contract period, with simple application form. No need to wait, plug-to-go WiFi solution. Currently on PROMOTION!


即日起簽約滿兩年 ,每月即減$50



Contract period with 2 years or above enjoys $50 off per month

Full payment for whole year service in advance enjoys 10% off discount!

- 申請成為Wifi Egg香港本地WiFi年租計劃客戶,簽約一年,每月費用$450,可以月供方式繳費。
- 每位客戶均需提取一部WiFi發放儀器,只需於開始服務前一天到門市或以速遞方式領取設備,於使用位置接駁電源,即可使用網絡服務。
- 客人可透過現金/信用卡/銀行轉賬/FPS轉數快/PayMe付款繳交年租計劃所有費用。
- 每部設備另收$1000按金,完成合約後將會退還。

查詢計劃:請電 3175-2776 或電郵至 與我們聯絡

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